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One word used to describe Waterfront Foursquare is "family".  We share each other's burdens, mentor and pray for each other, and purposely extend the arms of family to anyone who is looking for it. Psalm 68:2 says, "God places the lonely in families".

Waterfront Foursquare is made up of singles, couples, and kids, just like any extended family.  We provide opportunities for growth and relationship using many varied activities, studies, and just fun times together. Food and hospitality are prevalent elements in almost everything we do. 

Husbands, wives and singles will find opportunities for forming deeper bonds with each other through informal small groups, more structured Lifeline Groups, outreaches, or periodic fun activities.

Youth in 7th grade and beyond attend Sunday morning worship with their families.
Children -- We provide a nursery for children age four & under.  Children K-6th grade are invited to Sunday School class, where there is usually one teacher for every five children. Our teachers love kids, and are passionately motivated to  share Jesus with them.

Mealshare- The last Sunday of each month we share a meal together with friends
family and neighbors.  Sometimes there is more month left than money and this
meal has proven to be a real blessing for many.  Bring your fav main dish, verggie
or dessert to share, or if circumstance don't permit, just bring yourself :). Everything else is provided and there's always more than enough to go around.